Lubisi Attorneys is  a 100% black owned law firm and founded by a black woman who is an Admitted Attorney of the High Court of South Africa. The firm is compliant with the BBBEE laws. Established in the year 2018, an era were law influences every decision either trivial or immense, we are a dynamic law firm with a vision and mission to convey reasonable and innovative legal solutions to our clients.

We consist of a group of young professionals that are equipped with veracious legal skills and knowledge to provide sound legal advice. Our legal team is not conformed to a traditional view of solving issues, instead it is a group, which is open-minded and prepared to offer pioneering solutions.

our mission

Our mission is Law. Integrity. Dignity. in the sense that we aim to offer comprehensive and viable legal help with the utmost respect for our Constitution, the rights conferred by same and our Clients, encompassing the idea of ‘ubuntu’, taking cognisance of the fact that the most fulfilling achievement comes from helping people and building relationships.


Therefore, the principles of peace, love, respect and sharing is what governs this law firm.

our vision


  • To offer innovative legal solutions in a variety of legal fields regardless of complexity;

  • To incorporate the legal solutions we offer with other non-legal solutions which include but are not limited to Forensics, Accounting, Training and Auditing;

  • To uphold the Constitution and to contribute to the development of the Country and the development of clients;

  • To be of assistance in the enforcement of human rights; and
  • We strive to be the best black owned law firm.


Whatever your legal issue is

be sure that we will stand by it & win !


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